Advantages of AsianHandicap betting

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Here are some reflections on the advantages and disadvantages of Asian Handicap Betting and HDA (Home Draw Away) Betting.

Asian Handicap: With Asian Handicap Betting (also called Hang Cheng) you eliminate the possibility of a draw result. One team get a handicap of 1/2 ball or more. You bet only “home win” or “away win”. For additional information, go to Asian Handicap Help.

HDA (Home Draw Away) betting
With HDA (Home, Draw, Away) Betting you bet “home win”, “a draw” or “away win”.


Advantages of Asian Handicap compared to HDA Betting

1 You eliminate the possibility of a draw result, increasing your main winning chance from 33,3 percent to 50 percent in a single game.
2 If a quarter handicap game ends with a tie result, and you fail to win your bet, you only lose 50 % of your stake.
3 Depending on the handicap you can win your bet even if the team you bet on don’t win the game.
4 You can bet on a team you believe will lose the game, but because of a big handicap you can still win the bet. Typical here is when the favorite team win the game with only one goal.
5 When following the match ‘live’, tension is high since a single goal can take you from losing to winning (or the other way around).



Advantages of HDA compared to Asian Handicap

1 There are more games to bet on, and you can pick games from a lot of leagues.
2 The odds are higher for the non-favourite teams.
3 If you bet multiple bets (accumulator) you can achieve a very high odds total.
4 You can bet on ‘secure’ games with low odds, typically 1,10 to 1,20, and still profit by 10 – 20 %
5 You can do value bets, bet on the non-favourite teams over a long time period, and win games with high odds.
6 The number of bookmakers who offer games is very high. With some research, you can secure your winning by using different bookmakers on the same game.

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